Clinical Improvement Projects

Clinical Improvement Projects

Screen Clinical provides a range of services that are designed to complement patient centred care patient care whist releasing prescribing cost savings in line with Northern Ireland Formulary.

All our services are written to compliment NHS priorities and we ensure they are flexible in terms of implementation and cost.

We can apply for full sponsorship for services, in which case clinical reviews may be delivered with no cost implications to your GP Practice or GP Federation.

We are continually researching and developing new services which will be relevant for GP practices or GP Federations. Please contact Screen Clinical for further information on


Oral Contraceptive Service

  • Ensure safer prescribing of oral contraceptives (OC) in line with UKMEC scoring system

  • Of patients screened, we have identified 6.6% who were at risk of a serious event

  • Delivered cost savings for NI NHS of c. ¬£140,000 pa

Asthma service 

  • Screen, risk stratify and review patients in line with the National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD)

  • Delivered in GP practices across NI where additional support is required to manage their patients with asthma

  • 4,169 patients have been reviewed at specialist Screen Clinical asthma clinics

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose

  • Assess patients self-monitoring of blood glucose testing levels

  • 2,853 patients provided with DVLA guidance

  • Estimated annual cost savings for NI NHS of ¬£117,655 through alignment to the HSCB preferred meter list

Optimise: Type 2 service

  • Improve patient outcomes and aim to reduce long term complications for patients with Type 2 Diabetes

  • Delivered in practices across NI who require additional support in the management of their patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Bone Health

  • Reducing risk of osteoporotic fractures

  • Quality and outcomes framework support

  • Prescribing cost reduction

AF and Stroke prevention service

  • Assess the accuracy of the practices AF register to identify actual disease burden

  • Risk stratify non-valvular AF patients according to the level of stroke risk

  • Establish annual DOAC monitoring system for practices