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Screen Clinicals collaborative working with the GPs has played a vital role in our attempts to address the backlog of clinical care the pandemic has created. The additional clinics that you have created and the volume of additional interventions that it has stimulated without doubt has had a positive impact on the health of the local population and will, in time, aid reducing the burden of disease on a resource scarce NHS. Thank you.
General Practitioner
Could not speak any higher of the service provided to our patients - excellent and professional. We will definitely use Screen Clinical again. Thank you.
General Practitioner
I would have no hesitation in recommending Screen Clinical. We have worked extensively with them in the past and we trust and value the work they do.
Lead GP Pharmacist
The review was excellent and extremely helpful. Screen Clinical was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for your hard work.
General Practitioner
I have found working with Screen Clinical invaluable. They have helped me to identify patients who are in most need of clinical review and intervention. They help me prioritise my work flow and make the most effective us of my time. Thank you.
Practice Nurse
Thank you for organising a recent therapy review for our practice. We have found the service very useful. Everything was handled very professionally, efficiently and in a timely fashion. We found communication via email was prompt and clear. The data was presented well and would definitely help in our ability to identify shortcomings and improve service delivery to our patients. Thank you!
General Practitioner
The company chose Screen Clinical as a valued partner due to their understanding of the complexity of working within the framework of the PMCPA Code of Practice, their ethical and patient focused approach, and their ability to act as ambassadors for the company within the NHS environment.
Franchise Manager